Monday, April 03, 2006

Did you notice?

As the Daily Cardinal runs our manifest, Badger Herald's Editorial page today twice referenced Student Government. The Ed Board calls us the new hope and Brad Vogel knows we can succeed.

The Ed Board piece deserves a closer look, because it has a lot of good stuff in it:
On the question of allocable segregated fees, the Student Government ought not seek to play the role of taxman. Rather, the legal intricacies of a process that has been riddled with corruption should be handled in the most basic of manners, with a simple “opt-in” system.

There is a healthy debate right now among Constitutional Convention members about how to best deal with student fees. Some have suggested simply tightening the rules and laying out a strict philosophy for the disbursal of segregated fees. Others have suggested, variously, an opt-in or opt-out solution. Personally, I would like to see a cap on disbursal - with a student-wide referndum held any time the Student Government wants to give out money above that cap.
[T]he new Student Government ought to prove truly accessible to all on campus. This means uploading proposed and actual student-organization budgets to a publicly accessible website and offering the student body full access to all government-related documents through the same website. Freedom of Information Act requests should not be a procedural barrier to the free flow of information, as sunshine truly is the best of disinfectants.

The blog is a step. Listening sessions are another step.

Looking through ASM's website, it is impossible to even file a Freedom of Information Request. Budgets also need to be online and searchable - a step I told the Herald on Friday I'd like to see taken.
[A] basic governmental council meant to facilitate shared governance and a small judicial board to present a much-needed check on power ought to constitute the entirety of the new Student Government.

One of Student Government's main planks has always been the reduction of ASM's bloated bureaucracy and a streamlining of committees. We'd like to see the new government pared down as much as possible. How that will ultimately happen will be a product of our listening sessions.

So ultimately, the Herald's piece served as an agreement with our basic principles:
And so our vision is a simple one: a small student government with limited powers checked by a large student body.


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